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Monday, October 25, 2004

4 minutes, 17 seconds

I love bath time. I always have. It’s the best bonding time. When the kids are all soaped up, slippery, screaming about water in their eyes and in their ears and they’re squeaky clean, I just love it! I have been the primary bather for our children since they were babies. Actually, I only take over after the belly button thing falls off. The thing is that when it comes to bathing kids, you only get a certain number of years to enjoy this privilege. For obvious reasons, as the children get older, they gain their sense of modesty and this is a good thing.

You can get very dirty in around here, especially in school. The kids play in the dirt, there is lots of sand and the cats are there, ugg, it drives me crazy. The worst is when they climb into “my bed” with their sandy feet! That puts me over the edge. So after a hard day playing bath time is an end of the day mandatory ritual for our almost 5 year old. Last night as I was taking her out of the tub, my cell phone rang. I quickly wrapped her in her towel, “nice and tight” the way she likes it and put her on my bed and on Abba’s special pillow, one of those temperpedic types. I answered the call. I can’t even remember who it was. But 4 minutes, 17 seconds (on the call timer) later my daughter was snoring away. Because of this call that I can’t even remember, I missed out on reading Go-Dog-Go and Clifford for the 700th time! I’ll have to think about that the next time my phone rings.

I love your posts! It is so great to read all that's going on!
4 minutes and 17 seconds huh. Thats one comfy pillow you must have there.
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