"From Moshe till Moshe, there arose none like Moshe." (famous Jewish folk saying)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

At least I think I'm funny

Zahava, the strength and better half of famed blogger Treppenwitz, posted a message that she passionately supported my post that fathers don’t baby-sit their own kids. She, like so many graciously offered to lend a hand while the Mrs. is away. I thought my response to her was funny, so I'll share it with you:

Hi Zahava,
Thanks for the positive feedback. I think we'll make it. IY"H, The Mrs. will be home before Shabbat. The only real casualty is an empty fridge. I can by milk eggs, MEAT, but that's about it. The fridge is so empty, I think I'll go clean it......, but first I must finish my mending. I'm feeling a bit bloated. AHHHHH what has happened to me :)

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