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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Clearing her throat, lets hope!

This is not a sports blog, just a blog written by someone who is a big sports fan. In Red Sox universe, (no longer nation) we know more than anyone that it aint over until it's over. We have only been able to dream about the fat lady. Yes, people we dream about the fat lady. In our real life nightmares, we thought we had heard her in the distance, only to learn that she was preparing to sing for someone else. Sniff, sniff. Yes, those are real tears. Sox fans, we have not heard the fat lady sing to us for a very, very long time. It seems as if she is about to clear her throat and sing us a happy tune. All those who are concerned about kol isha from the fat lady, the Seridei Eish should address your concern. But why the fat lady? Click here.
Rav Binny is speaking here tonight--I suggested to REW that we hold it in a room with TV availability but he said no...so Ed will have to keep me posted.


Rav Binny has red hair? I Think thats a good sighn. tell REW he's a party pooper!
REW is a party pooper but it's probably because he's a lousy yankee fan. haha REW the yankees lost. But don't take your frustration out on dj and all the other real baseball fans. Let them watch tv during the speech.
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