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Monday, October 25, 2004

Fathers Do Not baby-sit their children

So my wife has been away in the US for the last week. One week and 14 hours to be exact! Only 5 more days until she returns and I think I can hold the fort until then. This is her first trip to the US in over a year and the longest time that she has been away from the family since we have been married. I travel all the time and with my new job, I have traveled overseas almost every month since January. So now you’re thinking (if anyone else is reading this) now you know what it’s like to be a single parent. Now you know what it is like when you leave your wife with the kids and all the family responsibility, gallivanting across the planet. (I’ll describe my gallivanting another time) But I’m not sure why this is really so bad. Let me explain.

Over the last week, I have received countless of calls each day from former students and neighbors asking if everything is OK, and if we need anything. People have stopped me in the street and asked me if we have enough food? Do I need help with the cooking, laundry, shopping, etc? When I was at the makolet, (mini market) the other day, looking dazed and confused, someone actually offered to shop for me! “Just call and let me know what you need. Milk, eggs, anything you need, I’ll pick it up for you.” People here have been surprised when I said that everything is fine. I have done the laundry, grilled dinner almost every night, cooked and grilled for shabbat and remembered my daughters ballet shoes (Yes, a friend called to remind me to put them in my daughters back pack today) I have made lunches every day, made sure the kids showered, helped with the homework, (did I say that I grilled dinner?) set up a few play dates, and I brought treats to my daughters Gan (kindergarten) on Friday because she was the Ima shel Shabbat, The Shabbos Mommy!

But this comment was the kicker, “So your wife is away… and you’re babysitting?” To this I responded, “Fathers don’t baby-sit their own children.” Being a father is the greatest joy. Having to do it alone for a short period of time, has given me an even greater appreciation of what my wife, a professional stay at home Mom’s has to contend with each day when I am away. Well maybe. I’m sure that when I am traveling, she does not get the calls and wonderful offers from friends and neighbors. She’ll shop, cook, do the laundry and deal with all the wonders of motherhood until I return to share these (well most of these) responsibilities together. We make a great team.

You are the #1 Abba!
Love from your #1 team mate!
First off, welcome to the world of blogging (and YES!, your identity has been determined)....

Secondly, THANK YOU for hitting on what may be my all-time number one peeve! FATHERS DO NOT (REPEAT: DO NOT!!!!) BABYSIT WHEN IT IS THEIR OWN KIDS!

Well, then.... I feel much better now! Keep up the good work! (And do you, incidentally, need anything? Efrat is not so far away that we couldn't pitch in and lend a hand! =:-> )

Hi Zahava,
Thanks for the positive feedack.I think we'll make it.IY"H, The Mrs. will be home before shabbat. The only real casualty is an emptry fridge. I can by milk eggs, MEAT, but that's about it. The fridge is so empty, I think I'll go clean it......, but first I must finish my mending. I'm feeling a bit bloated. AHHHHH what has happend to me :) Moshe
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