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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Hello and welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is very uncharacteristic of me to have a blog. I have started to notice that many people have blogs. My wife just started one. She is a great writer and is not afraid to put herself out there. She has no problem expressing and “sharing” her thoughts, feelings, etc. with the rest of the world. This is very healthy for her. I on the other hand, do not consider myself such a great writer. I am a terrible speller, on the level of embarrassing. I am scared to death of expression. Well not scared to death but it’s just not for me…. Ok, scared to death! What is in my head should probably just stay there. I often say that I have done a very good job at suppressing my childhood, and that is probably a good thing. Denial can sometimes be the safest place to be. Some people out there have no one who will listen to them. They yell, scream, write and they are ignored. A blog is a great creation for people. Kol haKavod -Honor to the people who have developed this technology. Anyone can publish one. It’s free and walah, the world can now hear your voice or experience your quill. Although I have noticed that this can also be dangerous. In this environment where free speech is protected, sometimes it is not used responsibly. Maybe certain people are ignored for good reason. A blog gives them a forum or better yet, a podium. Maybe for this reason a blog is not such a good thing. Well as with most things, we have the choice to use what we have been given for good and or not good. I have never had a problem with people listening to me. This is not an egotistical statement. I have somehow always found myself in leadership positions. Whether in business or in my work with the Jewish community, I have held very public positions with great responsibility. Getting people to listen has never been a problem for me. So why am I venturing into a world of expression that I so often try to avoid? Do I have something to say? Do I have something I need people to hear? Maybe I’m just writing for myself. Well, I could say that my wife is having a good influence on me. She always does or at least tries to. We have been married for 16 years. She is my greatest critic and yet, I would say that she is also my self-esteem. What I mean is that the ideal marriage is not one of total agreement in all matters. We don’t agree of most things. It’s funny sometimes. But she is doing her job! Often it is the wife’s responsibility to appose her husband and prevent him from acting impulsively, or to help him to achieve a common goal by questioning, criticizing and discussion. The verse in the Torah, when G-d creates a wife for Adam (Genesis 2:18) I will make an, ezer k’negdo, a helper corresponding to him. This means literally, that there are times a wife can best be a support to her husband by being against him. But only if the man is worthy….. (Talmud yevomos 63a;Rashi) So I guess I am worthy because with this, she is the best and I love her for it. So I have written enough here for my first blog post. I hope to write often but I travel a lot and sometimes I don’t have so much time to write. I’ll try because my head is full.
Great writing. Don't be scared...
I love you!
Your Ezer K'negdo
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