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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Do threats really work?

I have an expression that I use with my kids. It’s not a very pleasant image. “I’ll rip your lips off and feed them to the dogs!” The kids know that I say this in jest to get their attention. I have never really ripped their lips off, top or bottom, I promise.

The other evening I threatened our 12-going on 20 year old with this familiar warning. Of course, she responded, “G0 ahead, I don’t care!” For several moments there was an awkward silence in the house as the tension slowly reached its peak. Just at that moment, our 5 year old looked up from the book she was reading on the couch and said, “it’s gona hurt!”
i read your blog ari!!

although, threats do happen to work in the mafia, like, "ill put two bullets in the back of you brain if you dont shut up!" i think that one works. try that one, ari.

-Tonny S
I'm honored! That is very funny. You always make me laugh. I checked out your blog. You don’t have any posts? You should write. Hope all is well with you. I hope will see you in Israel next year...did you check out Ohr David. We miss you...DM
hey ari

i have posts now. i mainly made it so i can made comments, but then i decided to actually use it. so yeah, i have posts now.
all IS well with me now, not MOSTLY as was 2 mths ago, but, ALL is well now.
i do IYH plan to go come home to EY next year, either kby, mevaseret, or netiv aryeh. no, chaval, no ohr d. but ari, i def wanna come for shabbos (if im invited, of course), at least once. well, more than that.
when you coming to the states next?? i miss you too ari!!

Karban Nesanel [ben Avraham]
ha! cramps....:-)
You're so slow I laughed about cramps last week. Ha I'm finally quicker than someone. Don't worry next year you'll have at least the two of us 20 going on 12 year olds so it will all even out :) If your daughter grows another inch or two and you say I'll rip your lips off she can look at you and say let me get you a stool to stand on. Now that would be a witty response.
ed, i couldnt do it last week cuz i didnt have a blog thingy, but now i do, so now i could. duh...
um stupid you can read and comment without ur own blog. poopy face
Ed! Be nice to my little brother!
thought i was your little brother are u cheating on me?
ed dont you know DJ has a quite a few of us little brothers and sisters?? jeez...ha, me and you are brothers...LOOK AT MY BLOG!!

luv yall
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