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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Questions, Questions, Questions?

I have been extraordinarily busy these last few weeks. Traveling for work, balancing family, etc. Thank G-d, all good things. As there has been in my line of work, I am sure there has been much discussion on many blogs about that Tsunami tragedy. I unfortunately have not read anything except CNN. I am sure that many contemplate the major questions; could so much loss of life have been prevented and the ultimate, how could G-d let this happen? These are both equal and legitimate questions. It would be impossible for me or anyone to put perspective on a loss that boggles the senses. Even though almost 2 weeks have passed, the enormity of loosing more than155,000 souls, men, woman and children, all who were created in the image of G-d is something we the human mind can not fathom. So, we do the only thing we can do in such a situation, we question G-d. I believe that we have an obligation to question G-d and I don’t think we do it enough. (I feel very sad for the atheist. They have no one to turn to!) But why do we only question G-d when something bad happens? Why don’t we also acknowledge G-d when we experience the mundane as well? When we wake up in the morning, when we able to stand up straight and tall, when our children smile at us, when we turn the key and the car starts. When the sun rises and when the sun sets. Our questions trigger is only exercised for bad experiences. We only question His motives for the bad and not for the good. Are we really worthy of G-d’s kindness when each time we open our eyes and we are able to see, when breathe in and there is enough oxygen to sustain us? Yes, there are so few answers but many lessons to be learned. Appreciate every moment, value the fragility of life, and enjoy our families and friends. But Question! Questions will give is the ability to appreciate each moment. Questioning will allow us to realize that the power of nature should not only be regarded for spectacular events, but that each of the moments in our lives are spectacular events, controlled by this exact same power of nature. Every day has the potential to enjoy the same mystery and awe-inspiring events if we so choose. But we need to open our eyes and look around. At least we can.
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