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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Moshe's word on disengagement

I was commenting in Chayyei Sarah’s Blog about the disengagement and I realized that I should write on my blog why at this time I am not in favor of the disengagement. I write at this time because maybe at some time in the future if certain conditions were met, I would be more optimistic about it.

The ultimate questions I would ask is will this evacuation bring us any closer to a peaceful coexistence, which would include security with our neighbors. Unfortunately, my prediction is that it will not bring peace or security. When/if the evacuation occurs you will see the Arabs burning Israeli flags, desecrating our synagogues (if we don’t destroy them first) and cemeteries. If a Jew accidentally walks on the wrong beach or takes a wrong turn into their neighborhood, will they be welcomed in? My prediction unfortunately is that they will be violently murdered and their bodies will be mutilated. These images are predicable. We have seen this so many times before. Would you call this peace? Is this peace?

The bottom line is that no matter what we give, the other side will claim we are not doing enough, giving enough and they will continue their (failing) effort until they claim ALL of Israel. Even though they have been up to 45 terror warnings each day under the once sided supposed cease-fire, if we kill one terrorist protecting our borders and our people, they will claim we violated the cease-fire and will retaliate. And they will do so at our expense and these prices are way to high. As we saw today in Tel-Aviv, unfortunately, it was only matter of time.

We must open our eyes to the present and not forget history. As we are making concessions, the song if “it’s not enough” is already being sung. The song of Gaza is not enough and the prisoners were not enough. The song of not demolishing their homes is not enough and giving back the dead exploded terrorist bodies is not enough. These songs should be way to familiar to all of us. And the obvious question, what are we getting in return? So far, lets list a few: Kassam rockets falling every day; soldiers being shot at every day; road side bombs being planted EVERY SINGLE DAY; and what has Abbas actively done about it? Yes, that is a rhetorical question! Maybe I would have trusted Abbas if as Israel let out 500 prisoners as a goodwill gesture, he had not simultaneously signed the execution orders of 47 Palestinians convicted of collaborating with Israel. Um, let me see now, you are executing individuals who collaborated with someone you are trying to make peace with. Doesn’t anyone see the hypocrisy?

Will there be Palestinian protest against today’s homicide bombing in Tel-Aviv? Will people refuse the candies given out by the homicide bombers family in honor of his successful mission? Yes, these are rhetorical questions. Watch CNN for coverage of the Palestinian celebrations…no, it wont be there.

But his chinuch and his Rebbe (lahvdil) prescribed a certain script. Bomb, shoot, kill, terrorize and then condemn. Israel then states it remains committed to the cease-fire. This is all going according to plan.

I would be in favor of something like this: Let us live in peace. Let us not be afraid when we send our children off to school, that we may never see them again. Let us not be suspicious when we get on a bus, go to the mall, supermarket, movie theater or the cell-phone store that this will not become a target. Let us live in peace without terror warnings and rockets falling.

Control your people for one year. One year of peace. One year of burring our dead who have died only from natural causes. One year. Show me you can control your people and you are interested in allowing us to live with the freedom of peace. After one year, then we can talk. And if you can’t control your people, then we will wait for leadership who can.

DM, i couldnt have said it better myself....KN
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