"From Moshe till Moshe, there arose none like Moshe." (famous Jewish folk saying)

Friday, March 25, 2005

“Your G-d reversed the curse to a blessing for you…”

(Devarim, 23:6)

Reversing the curse was the theme of the day.
Long ago in Shushan and in St. Louis in modern day.
Esther and Mordecai still believed
Even when Haman got really peeved.
When the odds were not in favor of the Jews
And it looked as if the Red Sox the ACLS would lose
Just when it looked as if Haman and the Yanks would sweep
The Jews and Red Sox Nation dug down deep.
That’s when emunah was really tested
And in the end the evil ones were bested!
Keep the Faith! Chag Purim Sameach.

When you have writers block, share clever Purim wish from our friends from Brookline.

DM, that was impressive, please tell the author i really like that.
freilichen purim!!

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