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Thursday, May 19, 2005

It has finally happened

I made dinner tonight. Hot dogs on the grill and a can of beans, cooked directly on the grill, in the can. The best! I found two types of dogs on the freezer. Israeli Hot Dogs and American Style. I’m not sure what the Israeli hotdogs taste like because, in September of 1985 (yes I remember) I got so sick after eating one, I swore I would never eat another Israeli Hot Dog again. When we made aliya, my cousin told me that in a matter of time, our kids wont like the American ones anymore. Tonight at dinner, the dreaded moment occurred. My daughter said to me. What type of Hot Dog is this? American style, I replied. She said, “you don’t have to get those anymore, we don’t like them.” An era has ended! Does this mean my kids are officially Israelis?

Posting slow these days. So much going on. But this Hot dog thing has really done me in. Thank for your patience

Yay! Another post!!!
you're really obsessed with your hot dog arent you?:)
Heh, heh, that is funny.

Which daughter was it? I'm curious.
MB is the one who said it. The others agreed
obsessed ED, What do you mean?
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