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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This morning my daughter said….

We were sitting at breakfast this morning with our 5.5 year old EY and almost 16-year-old DB. When out of nowhere, EY said, “DB is going into the army and he’ll have a gun!” SB and I looked at each other. Now that was a surprise source for a reality check.

Whooooooa. Kids say the darndest things. What is Ely learning over there? I am going to have to come over and teach her how to do her nails or SOMETHING. Such a little Israeli! See you soon!
dovi with a gun. that might be the scariest thing ive ever thought of.
Ely is my hero. What an astute kid.
yes db with a gun is quite scary...
haha ely is awesome!
i miss you guys.
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