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Sunday, July 10, 2005

CNN will print anything

Once again the world stands in shock and disbelief as terror and terrorist strike the heart of what many of us hold on to, our freedom and our innocence. But as world reaction is quick to condemn, they are just as quick to vindicate. I am not sure if it was Tony Blair’s first or second public statement that read, this is not the way for the majority of Muslims. So quick to protect against backlash that he looses focus on what created this event in the first place, Muslim fundamentalists!

But as CNN polled world reaction, the had the friggen chuztpa to include condemnations by, Iran and Syria, both on Washington's list of states sponsoring terrorism as well as the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and Hezbollah. The Hamas spokesman said “there could be no justification for the London bombings.” And in the most unbelievable demonstration of hypocrisy I have ever seen committed to print, "Targeting civilians in their transport means and lives is denounced and rejected," A Hezbollah statement on the blasts denounced attacks on civilians, citing humanitarian, moral and religious grounds.

Hello? Is anyone is the world home. Does anyone realize that the word of these people have no credibility. Do I have to write how many innocents have died at the hands of Hamas, the PA, etc?

Well it once again leads me to the same conclusion. There are different sets of rules that are used to judge crimes against the general world population and atrocities committed targeting Jews. According the Muslims, the Jews are not innocents and we are not civilians. We, according to the Muslim world are infidels and it is and will always be open season on infidels. What is a crime to a Muslim is wasting explosives on the Brits when they could have killed more Jews in Israel.

Muslim leadership is very clear in their wording and it is for this very reason, they can never be trusted. And at one moment, a person, a community and a country can change from being innocent to being infidels; this is something that the world will never understand.
so were kinda like bugs bunny and the arabs are elmer fud? stupid, blind and they talk funny? ya thats about right
oh Ed, you're funny...

no better way to put it Ari.
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