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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I don’t think it means what he thinks its means

The atmosphere in the Holy Land is very thick right now. Thick with tension as our Country teeters on the threshold of the disengagement. I have already expressed my views and on the disengagement. My feelings and sentiments have only been reinforced by the barrage or mortars shootings, homicide bombings and bombings attempts over the last several months. As Israel is poised to enter Gaza, the PA reaction has been predictable. The escalation by Israel will only compromise the cease-fire agreement. I always want to barf when I see this in print. Because there are people who actually believe that the PA has committed itself to a cease-fire, please!

As the news that collations forces have killed over 25,000 Iraqi’s since the beginning if the conflict (a nice military word) I wonder if and when we begin to hear the word massacre? This is a rhetorical question because it won’t happen.

In the famous movie classic, The Princess Bride, Vizzini, the Sicilian villain repeatedly exclaims, “Inconceivable!” Finally the Spaniard, Inigo Mantoya exclaims, “you keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think its means.”

For years, we have been bombarded by the Palestinian propaganda machine exclaiming, massacre, massacre! We heard it in Jenin when news headlines plastered across the world, proclaimed that the Israeli assault on Jenin killed between three and six hundred people. The international press reported, based on Palestinian reports that Israel intentionally targeted and massacred a group of bystanders who were loitering around a destroyed car that had been carrying Palestinian terrorist. The Palestinians decried of Massacre after a 13-story building was destroyed outside of Netzarim and after Operation Days of Penitence and Operation King’s Court we heard the same song, massacre, massacre!

But we have always known the truth. A United Nations investigation has rejected Palestinian claims that a Massacre took place in Jenin. A drone plane documented the IDF attack on the terrorist’s vehicle and the pictures clearly show that the 13-story building in Netzarim was incomplete and unoccupied.

So how are we to understand the Palestinian claims of Massacre? To start, I would say to Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Authority's senior spokesmen, I don’t think it means what you think it means! A massacre is not when armed terrorist are targets of any military. Let us remember, these are terrorist and murderers who’s sole purpose, mission and motivation is to kill and maim innocents. A massacre is when old, young, men, woman - pregnant woman, and children are going about their lives are killed for just being Jewish and wanting to live their lives in the Holy Land or in London for that matter. A Massacre is when parents are murdered and children are orphaned. A massacre is when a chatan (groom) buries his kalla (bride) on their wedding day. A massacre is when children are playing in a schoolyard and Qassam rockets slam into their playground. A massacre is when a Jewish Mother and her 4 children are brutally murdered by spraying their car with bullets and then proceeding to shoot each child repeatedly at point-blank range. Unfortunately, we have thousands of examples.

We know (but have forgotten) that the roadside bomb that targeted and tragically killed 3 members of the United States security team was planted less than 300 meters from a Palestinian checkpoint. What did the PA security team at the checkpoint do when they saw (at 300 meters, they had so see something) a group burying a large metal object on the side of the road? Maybe it was the PA beautification committee planting flowers? The FBI was/has been on the case but will we ever hear the truth revealing PA complicity?

What would happen in any society when a criminal, never mind an armed terrorist would hide out in a hospital? Maybe someone one would call the authorities? This could have been the PA’s opportunity to “crack down” and arrest these fugitives. No way. Instead Erekat and Kofi Annan exclaim, “a dangerous escalation by the IDF.”

One would hope that after all this time the world would catch on to Palestinian propaganda. But, I’m not sure if that has happened yet or if it ever will.

It seems that Mr. Erekat, and his un-credible crony’s need to learn new adjectives that more accurately reflect the reality. It would be wise for Mr. Erekat, to recommend to the Palestinian people and residents of Gazza to stay as far away as possible from their terrorist friends and murderous neighbors. The IDF has been given the green light to once again, go after these fugitive terrorist (not militants). The rocket launching brigades and terrorist cells will once again be viable targets of the IAF unless the PA does something to rein in on their plans for continued terrorism. Since that wont happen and unless that means something different than he thinks it means, the message of the IDF will continue to be very, very clear. And would not want any "innocent" (future hammas recruits and their families) to get caught in the cross fire, would we? It makes for bad press. Go get’em boys.

PS. I wanted to keep this light, but it diddn't happen....sorry.

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