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Sunday, July 24, 2005

In the wrong place...Maybe

I took DB back to the NCSY Kollel last night and picked up our friend Dovid G. who made a run to KFC in Mivaseret for pre-Fast spicy Wings and a Zinger. We downed 18 wings before 2am…I’ll let you know if this was a good idea later. So far so good.

As we were getting on highway 1, I noticed an increased presence in Police activity. There were just a few more police cars than usual for 11pm on a Saturday night. Plus I saw 3 dude teams. The Dude's, as we call them, are the 1st responder anti-terror teams that ride around on motorcycles with body armor and enough artillery to take on a small army. So I figured something must be going on.

The police car in front of me was driving way below the speed limit so I did what we usually do, I passed him in the right lane. And then all of a sudden, 3 more dude’s passed me on the left, several white vans, plus an entire motorcade of vehicles. If you know rout 1, it’s not the safest place to just pull over, and before I knew it, I was driving in the motorcade. I looked to my left just in time to see the primary vehicle of interest, a black Volvo sedan escorting Dr. Condoleezza Rice. Someone really messed up in their traffic control b/c I should not have been driving with them.

It was a cool experience but I am still waiting for the Shin Bet to show up at my house to interrogate me. If I had known that she had congratulated Abbas for his crackdown on terror, maybe I would done something different. (probably not) I mean in her comments, she is basically ignoring the fact that there have been suicide bombings, barrages of 100’s of rockets, shootings and murders. People have died in the Abbas so called crack down on terror. This is not diplomacy…it is idiocy.
So, was it a good idea (the spicy wings late at night)?

By the way, I appreciate your comments on my blog. Do I know you?
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