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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Israel is the safest place

Yesterday before Shabbat, I spoke with my Dad about the recent developments in London. Specifically, news reports that the British security had claimed that had identified chased down and killed a suspect. It all did not make sense to me. The obvious is the MO of a suicide bomber. They don’t run. Once detected, they attempt to detonate them selves, as they would rather die than get caught. Unfortunately the news has been released that this poor fellow had no link to 7/7 and that the actions of the British police were regrettable. A case of mistaken identity by a bunch of boobies with overactive testosterone and very big guns. Sounds like a formula for disaster to me. As events of the weekend develop, Sharm el-Sheikh, Beirut, Iraq, I am thinking more and more that Israel is most likely the safest place in the world to be.
"A case of mistaken identity by a bunch of boobies with overactive testosterone and very big guns."

nice way to put it DM
boobies:) where?!?!?!?!? i want some!
I don't know a guy who wears a big puffy coat in the summer and jumps a turnsyle and into a train when the police say stop... he deserves to be shot for being stupid! the police did the right thing.
Hello Dani B.... what if they started doing that in NY city.... there would be a lot of dead guys around. The random checks they will start to do in NYC will be a big waste of time unless they do it for everyone, or they implement Israeli style racial profiling.
I know what the point you're trying to make is that security is better in Israel which I do agree with. But don't kid yourself. If a guy with a huge coat walking down the street in Israel when the country is on high akert doesn't answer a guard when he says "shalom" and instead dives for a bus at full speed he would end up with several bullets in him.
In that scenario, you’re probably correct. But, in all the years I have been here, and all of the "daily" high alerts we have endured, this has NEVER happened. As time goes on, whiteness reports will dispute police, as they already have about the events of that day. We'll have to wait to learn what really happened, although I am a conspiracy theorist, so we probably never will.
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