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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just imagine if Israel had done that

If Israel had killed an innocent civilian, the world reaction would have been fast and furious. UN condemnations, Security Council Resolutions, etc., would have been too many to count. I bet the front page of all the international news outlets would say, “Lynching by Israel.”

London is living under fantastically difficult times they say. I feel bad for the innocent Brit’s who now have to endure what has become standard procedure for us in Israel. The traditionally anti-Israel rhetoric verbally vomited by BBC, Jack Straw, Mayor Ken Livingstone must now look inward at their own failures and not place the blame for their internal problems on Israel. However, we all know that today, blame on Israel is being offered wholesale. Psychology 101, is much easier to deflect blame by making others look bad than it is to reflect on your own failures. This fellow writes what I am thinking. Wish I could do that.
religion causes so much strife...it would be better if everyone just converted to ours.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Even More Latter Day Saints
Sorry friend. No interest here. But thanks for visiting. DM
Mr. Prophet, Can you tell us if the Red Sox and Pats will repeat? That would be a great use of your prophetic talents.
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