"From Moshe till Moshe, there arose none like Moshe." (famous Jewish folk saying)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Now this is something you dont see everyday

I was walking yesterday on Emek Rafaim and I saw a Chatan and Kalla eating at Pizza hut. Yes, Pizza Hut! I asked them if they just got married and they said, YES! Either their wedding meal was terrible and they were still hungry or this is the cheapest wedding meal in history. May they build a hut ne’man b’yisroel!
she looks like anna nichole smith. me and shimmy went for chinese today and the waiter asked if we wanted water or hot tea and shimmy was pretty sure she called us hotties!
I think it's awesome! My wedding meal is going to be from Cafe Eilat. Anyone for pizza and cajun fries? Um...ME! Actually, I think I would rather have Rubin's. Well if I want J.P. Licks for dessert, I guess it should be pizza. Yeah...pizza and ice cream.
id want to have some shwarma for my wedding seudah.
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