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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

On the lighter side, only in Israel

I was on the bus and an elderly woman was sitting in front of me. She was talking to herself and seemed to be somewhat frantic. As I listened to her monologue, I began to understood that she could not remember where to get off the bus. So she asked me if she could borrow my phone. I said no problem; I mean what’s 39 agurot per minute between friends?

She made the call and spoke to someone; it may have been her daughter, for a few minutes. After the call was completed, she gave me my phone back. A few minutes passed, and I could hear the woman talking to herself again. She still sounded like she was in a panic and a bit confused. So, she turned around, and asked me to borrow my phone. In my previous life, I may have offered my business card and offered a consult for admission to my nursing home. But in this life, I gladly offered what I could do; I lent her my phone for another 5-minute conversation. After she completed the call, she gave me the phone and thanked me.

I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the solitude of the ride and the beauty of Israel…. And then my phone rang. An unfamiliar voice on the other end said, “Hello, are you on bus number 330?” Yes, who is calling? I asked. And then this unfamiliar voice proceeded to ask me if she could speak with the elderly woman sitting in front of me on the bus! This would only happen in Israel! You got to love it.

u dont know a pickup line when it smacks u in the face
dude she talked for 5 minutes at 39 agarot? thats less than 2 shek she spent 50 cents. stop being such a cheap jew
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