"From Moshe till Moshe, there arose none like Moshe." (famous Jewish folk saying)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

They are everywhere!

Its been a while since I have had the time to post. There has been a lot going on personally and professionally and so much is up in the air. But it always is. I read a great book by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, If God Is Good, Why Is The World So Bad? I highly recommend this book. It’s clear and an excellent read. Not that it answers the question, but for those of us who constantly search for meaning in today’s world and personal events, this book shares and amazing perspective.

Just a quick story about my last trip. I was driving through RockHill, North Carolina. It was late and I was tired so I checked in to a very small motel an hour outside of Charlotte. If was one of those places where their motto should be, “if we knew you were staying the night, we would have changed the sheets!” Definitely not the Ritz. I usually wear my Red Sox hat because I meet with so many people during the day, I am usually not so interested in schmoozing with the natives. They love to talk. So I checked in and went to sleep. I checked out at about 6:30am. As I was leaving, the young fellow behind the counter asked with a very strong southern drawl, “are you Jewish?” I looked up and I was still wearing my red Sox hat, so how could he tell? So I asked him, “Do I look Jewish.” He answered, I can tell from your fringes!” The long and the short is that that his grandmother is Jewish, yes, his mothers mother and yes, that makes him Jewish. So we did schmooze for a few minutes, I gave him my e-mail, the web site for birthright, etc. He’ll probably be doing kiruv somewhere in the south, Tattoos and all in about 3 years.
go Ari!

its nice to see you back here.
and then one day he can be sitting in the back of shiur and stand up suddenly and say, hey! that's boy was me!!
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