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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Uncertainty, insecurity and feeling settled. All in the same day.

I have learned about myself that I do not deal well when things are not settled and are not in my control. Is anything? It may be a false sense of thinking, but since leaving my position as “director” I deal with a new reality that I am no longer in a position to “call the shots.” It is one thing when things are not settled and you have the ability to do something about it. It is another when you have to wait for someone else to determine your fate…it can get you thinking.

I have been working for the last 18 months for a wonderful organization. I sincerely believe that the type of work we do, and the people we work with have the ability to impact and change the world in a remarkable way.

When I was hired, the head of our organization said that although I was offered the position, it could not be official until I met with the organizations largest benefactor. 18 months have come and gone and until today, this had not happened. I have been living with the uncertainty and insecurity that although, I have been working hard, am being productive, my boss likes me, my job could still be jeopardized if the “bal habos” did not like me. It’s that way in Jewish organizations.

So today, I finally met with the benefactor for 20 minutes…. And after 18 months, 12 trips to the US, Canada and France, over 75 Cites, 22 states, I was officially offered the job. So am I settled now? Not a chance!
mazal tov!

youve been to france?? cool...kinda
I always thought shimmy and Rew called the shots?
Even though you're not settled...MAZAL TOV, anyway! WOOHOO!
Mazel Tov, My Ari, most favorite son-in-law!! Of course, all he really had to do is speak to Dad and I--we would have told him all about your outstanding qualities!! Big Hugs, Mom E.
KN: France is way overrated. ED: Maybe I'll have you write me a recommendation letter..NOT: Yes, they did call the shots..just to make me look good:Thanks Hinda, We miss you: Thanks most favorite mother in-Law. I can alwasy count on you to unbiasdly, chreer me on! Love your favoritre son-in-law!!
I OWE you lunch in august

I live in Florida and went to Israel for the first time this past March during Purim. It was incredible. I have a weblog I think you'd enjoy and I invite you to stop by it and say hello sometime. I hope all is well for you during this aweful expulsion process, and pray it never happens.

Yahudim lo megaresh yehudim (I think I got that right).

By the way, I found your blog looking up other webmasters who list Shlomo Carlebach under favorites.

-MZ (Yosef)
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