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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The joy to be humbled

This summer, our son DB is learning and playing at the NCSY summer kollel. The Kollel is an amazing program that combines sports, trips and fun with intense Torah learning. Several great rabbis, including Rav Hershel Schechter, Rav Meir Twersky and a bunch of dynamic madrichim/counselors spend their entire summer at the Kollel, just learning hanging out and playing ball with the boys. In my 10 years with NCSY, there was never a kid who we sent on the Kollel that did not love it and gain from this experience.

B”H, it seems that our son is enjoying this same magnificent summer. This past Saturday night, after a beautiful shabbat at home, I drove DB back to beit meir, the home of the kollel.

As I was preparing to leave after dropping him off, my window was open, and I heard DB say to his madrich, that was my father. And his madrich said, that he wanted to meet me. So DB waved, I stopped and DB introduced me to his madrich. A very nice young man who has spent his last 6 summers with the kollel.

Tonight, when I was speaking with DB, I thanked him for introducing me to his madrich. DB said, yeah, it was weird. I asked him why was it weird? DB said that “He was like, that was so cool!” DB said, “what was cool?” “I just met Rabbi S! He is a legend!” I said “DB, what do you think of that, That someone out there actually thinks I’m cool?” To which DB responded, “Abba, he has never seen you at home! Oy, to be humbled by a 16 year old. But you got to love it. I certainly do. I watched cheaper by the dozen with my daughter and her friend and last night, I watch Star Was, something about a syth. I’ll be traveling again in a few weeks so I have to cram in some solid family time. NED came to work with me today. But that is for another story.
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