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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Terrorism or Murder?

Last week, a Jewish soldier, Natan Eden Zeda who was apparently AWOL from his unit boarded a bus in an Shfaram and murdered four Israeli Arabs. Natan Eden Zeda was subsequently lynched by an Arab mob after being handcuffed by police.

I found it very ironic how quickly world press including our own were very quick to call this an act of terrorism, by a “Bloodthirsty Jewish Terrorist.” The sound of it makes me cringe and want to hide in shame. But, putting this in perspective, not many of us have heard this type of a description so often. For the mere fact that it does not happen so often!

In my opinion, what happened was wrong, and these actions would definitely constitute murder. However, I am not sure if his actions should be considered a terrorist act. I looked at the dictionary to find a good definition of terrorism, to see if this act would apply. Most of the definitions were very vague. Incidentally, the UN has a team, lead by an Arab that is also making efforts to define terrorism. Unfortunately a dispute, centered on how to classify Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli military actions in the West Bank and Gaza has held things up. How convenient.

I would define terrorism as an ongoing organized and premeditated action or actions, that are meant to harm, murder and maim as part of this on-going effort to create fear and intimidation for pursuit of political and religious aims.

There is a lot that we don’t know yet about who Natan Eden Zeda is, was, etc. It seems that on his own, he independently decided to take a bus and murder Israeli Arabs. Was this part of a larger plot? Was there any video tape that was delivered and broadcast to the networks that had a living, Natan Eden Zeda expressing his will and desire to die a martyr for the sake of G-d and his people. Was there dancing in the street and did his family give out candy and deliver sweets to the neighbors? The answer is NO, NO, NO! Because with the information we have today, we only know that Natan Eden Zeda acted alone. He was not furthering any cause. He was an independent soldier who seems to have cracked and went off the deep end and he killed people. He was not part of a larger plot, no jihad, no nothing!

The Arabs are still free to enter the malls, take the bus, and walk the streets freely. Actually, I wonder some times if Arabs feel safer in our shopping centers. They are not afraid that someone will kill them. I doubt you will start seeing check points set up in Arab towns watching out for the Jewish terrorist. There is no intimidation.

The murderous actions of any Jew create a stain on our people. When in a soldieries uniform, with a military issued weapon, it creates a blemish for our military. But when the press and our government equates this isolated act of one individual, with no mandate other than his own warped sense of justice, they demonstrate just how imprecisely they perceive reality and the larger picture, and how willing they are to entertain the notion of apologetics to justify their own existence.

The times we are living in are indeed very sad and difficult to understand.

It's courageous of you to write this article. More people like you should speak out. I am 100% behind you.
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