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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Son went to Gush Katif -Not to Protest. I am very proud of him

He is not interested in being politically correct. These are in his own words:

Aaaahhhh. So I was in gush Katif today it was crazy. We were just going down on the road in gush Katif to wherever were going and there were just hundreds of yards of greenhouses that were empty. They just had the little hoses hanging down and everything but there were no plants or anything in there. It looked likee a ghost town and everything. Then we got to the yishuv where the farm is and we were going through the yishuv and there were just piles of cement and parts of roofs and pipes strewn everywhere from the knocked down houses likee u could see where the houses where but now it was just a pile of cement and stuff. It was horrible.

We got to the cow farm and where there are usually big buildings that hold the cows and everything an the hay and the building that they milk the cows in, it was barren with big pieces of metal everywhere, and there were no buildings or anything, and there were little fires going on just burning, and there were bottles and newspaper and garbage everywhere. The milking building was there and all that was left inside was the metal of the thing that turns but all the pipes and stuff likee that were gone. So at the cow farm we had to take all of the pipes and stuff and big metal pieces and put them into these big containers. They were strewn everywhere, and they were pretty heavy too. we also had to collect the big screws that were lying around everywhere.

After basically all the metal parts were in the containers a truck came and took them away. then we had to take apart the things that they have so the cows cant go through. the pit with the bars over it. The bars were kinda heavy and on one side of the farm there was poop all over the bars, so we got pretty smelly and dirty. Under the bars where these steel blocs that kept the bars from falling. Those were really heavy and most of them were wedged into the stone or we so it took a while. But me and this other kid put together a good system of taking them out so it got better as it went on. It was the best feeling when we worked really hard on getting one out for like ten minutes and then we gave one last try and it popped out.

Then we had lunch in the shade of the building. we had a lot of trash from lunch, but we left it all on the ground.” let the arabs pick it up’ we said. I don’t understand what the arbs are going to do w/ all the land. likee there gunna get there and there are gunna be big piles of cement and fires and trash everywhere. I wanted to leave them a big sign or something that said like”have fun ‘or something. Cuz they have nothing to do there.there not smart enough to work the land likee we did, and theirs gunna be trash everywhere.i guess there used to it. I dunno.

Anyways. So then we took all the poles and stuff that we collected and put them in containers and big trucks, and then we left the farm. Then we drove through the yishuv a little more to get out and we passed more piles of cement. We passed by this basketball hoop that was just standing there w/ a little bit of cement in front of it . it just looked likee it was sad and lonely.

Then we drove to Atzmona. On the way we passed by a couple yishuvim likee nvie dkalim. We saw the magen david shul from the rod, and looking up into the entry road u could see that what was once a beautiful and lively yishuv, is now just totally like not there. Like there where palm trees from the past but then there were pieces of glass and containers and bottles lying in the street and everywhere. It was sickening looking at it from afar. We could also see more piles of cement that were once big beautiful houses inside the yishuv.

We got 2 Atzmona and there were buildings that they weren’t going to tear down and stuff, and they were leaving them for the arabs, so we just ransacked the houses. Broke the windows, through paints at the wall, trough papers everywhere, there was a can of salsa, so I picked it up and chucked it at the wall and it exploded everywhere. It was fun, considering that we were messing over the arabs.

Then we went to the greenhouses there and helped carry more metal around and stuff. when we were about to leave they told us that here was a whole greenhouse full of plants, and tha we could take, so I helped myself, so now I have a little souvenir from the gush. I also filled a bottle w/ sand so ya. Um ya so then we went back to the yishuv part and daavened probably the last mincha that shul will see. it was totally empty.. really, really sad. and then we came home, and I smelled like doody and had cuts all over my hand, but it was soooo worth it. May we be zoche that some kind of nes happens, and Sharon gets putin jail, and we get our gush katif back.
it sounds like he had good intentions but...you are proud of the meaningless desruction and vandalism your son took part in?
I am trying to find residential roofing people and found your blog while searching. I totally agree with that...
I am not sure I can say it was meaningless. If I knew that a hamas murderer would be using the houses, as a hot bed and launching board for terror, I would want to be sure that it was as uninhabitable and as difficult as possible. Regrettably, we see know that this is the exact purpose of these dwellings. They are no new PA peace ovetures & initiates. Just more killings.
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