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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tha sad bottom line: People just dont care about poor blacks in Louisiana

I was in the US last week when Katrina hit. I left the night before the levy broke and before the storm had come far enough north that it would have delayed my flight. But the one thing I kept saying, and please don’t think I sound like racist, I am not, I felt that the pre-response would have been greater and proactive had it been in some hotsy totsy city.

It still sounds to me, that the greatest lamentable tragedy is the loss of so many homes from fires in the historic districts! This is a low-income area of color (that’s Black People) that no one really gives a dam about. It is a sad thing. The recent developments of finding 30 nursing home residents apparently left and abandoned by their staff to drown. Yes, this just may be preliminary report, and I am sure there is another side. But the sad big fat bad bottom line is that we will learn that these frail residents were left to die because others chose to save their skin and no one was there providing support and oversight and the no one would give a hoot. No one knew that everyone had left!

In the late 80’s and early 90’s I was a licensed Nursing Home Administrator. I administered homes and offered consulting on State and Federal regulatory compliance for over 60 nursing facilities and hospitals across Boston and the New England area. To learn about these frail elders left to die, in this way is just appalling. What we used to do to save lives.....and make people comfortable.

We had hurricanes, blizzards, fires and we always had emergency contingency plan for every scenario. We would practice these drills with local safety authorities 3 times per year, including total evacuation scenarios. It was mandatory that all senior personal would need to sleep in the nursing home, in their offices, on couches and on floors. Our residents were going to be safe. They were our highest priority, we made them safe.

30 people drowning is a flagrant sign of poor planning abuse and neglect…and truthfully, Yesm, It’s a horror, but in that big world out there, no one really cares about these people.

5 Blacks shot on a bridge carrying guns. Did they deserve to be shot at and killed, by police? Probably! But the last time 5 blacks were killed did anyone say boo? No one cares! Yes, there is a lot going on that we can see or hear. But it certainly reeks to me of more than just the putrid remains of New Orleans.

With sadness, I suggest that this has more to do with a deficit of local and state leadership than with disregard of poor blacks in Louisiana. See my piece at http://hassagot.blogs.com/hassagot/2005/09/katrina_questio.html
i agree. we have no use for the poor. why save them. very sad.
"But the last time 5 blacks were killed did anyone say boo? No one cares!"

don't say no one cares, i sure care, my issue is how come the number was not slightly higher!!!
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